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A Walk Through Dean Village in Edinburgh

water of Leith
Water of Leith Walkway – Scotland 2016

After our first savoury Full Scottish Breakfast, Derek and I set off to our next lodging, Grosvenor Gardens Hotel (read about our hotel stay here). From there, we walked north to Dean Village, a picturesque and historic neighbourhood in Edinburgh.

Dean Village
Walking the cobblestone streets – Scotland 2016
Well Court – Scotland 2016

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring this area, as it’s so quiet and peaceful. It’s amazing how a place that once was a thriving grain-milling area on the Water of Leith is now just artistic and serene.

Dean Village
Walking along the water’s edge – Scotland 2016
Turquoise doors
Finding little corners in Dean Village – Scotland 2016
Water fall dean village
Man-made water falls – Scotland 2016

If you are in the area, checking it out is worthwhile. If you are interested in learning additional information about the neighbourhood, you can read more here. Take a walk along the water, listen to the silence of the valley, enjoy.

cute cottage
A doorstep of a cute cottage – Scotland 2016
Bench photography
Taking a rest along the water – Scotland 2016
Dean Bridge
Dean Bridge – Scotland 2016
Where can I find Dean Village in Edinburgh?

You can find this neighbourhood here.

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