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Dinner in Helensburgh, Scotland

During our brief stay in the small town, we tried two really fantastic places to eat dinner in Helensburgh. Both restaurants were recommended to us by our host at No. 20 B&B: The Cattle & Creel and the Riverhill Courtyard.

Dinner in Helensburgh
On the menu – Scotland 2016

The Cattle & Creel was our first stop. The restaurant single-handedly proved that Scotland’s beef rivals our Alberta beef back home. Derek and I had the most delicious Surf & Turf dinner there, which is a great choice of fare, as Scotland is both a cattle-raising and fish-catching nation. As a lover of rare meat, I can say without a doubt that the Scottish cook their steaks to perfection (well-done lovers beware).

plaid booths
Scottish decor – Scotland 2016
Scottish kitchen
Preparing the meals – Scotland 2016
gin and tonic
A delicious gin & tonic – Scotland 2016
surf and turf
Steak and lobster – Scotland 2016

The following night, Derek and I headed to the Riverhill Courtyard for dinner, a delightfully renovated barn turned restaurant. Though the portions were a bit smaller, we left satisfied after a tasty three course meal ending with dessert of brownies and ice cream. How could you go wrong?

Riverhill Courtyard
The menu – Scotland 2016
Rustic decor
The restaurant – Scotland 2016
open kitchen
Open kitchen – Scotland 2016
Scottish fish and soup
Derek’s meal – Scotland 2016
turkey dinner
My meal – Scotland 2016
brownies and ice cream
The best part! – Scotland 2016

I hope I didn’t make your mouths water too much!

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