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Winter Hiking at Banff’s Surprise Corner

Greetings from Winter Wonderland! (Yes it does exist). I’d like to share with you a little surprise corner…

While some (normal) people like to hike in the summer, my boyfriend and I like to try new things, so off we went winter hiking.

After a drive through the idyllic streets of Banff’s residential neighbourhood, we arrived at Surprise Corner (that’s its real name, you can even type it into Google Maps), a little lookout at the end of Buffalo Street. Here, we donned our snow gear and hopped out of the car for some fresh air and took in the “surprise” views.

Surprise Corner

Surprise Corner

Surprise Corner

Winter hiking

The spot overlooks Sulphur Mountain and Banff Springs, as well as Bow Falls. A little hike down to the river brings awe-inspiring views; the trek is worthwhile in all seasons! The water looks as icy cold as it must be.

Surprise Corner Banff

Winter hiking in Banff

Fairmont Banff Springs

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Bring mittens, good boots, and a toque if it’s really chilly. Shop my: sweater (sold out – similar) & boots – P.S. new favourite shoes! The view of Banff Springs is a real treat: I suggest popping over there for a look too. Read my post here.

Bow Falls

Banff Springs and Bow Falls

winter hiking in Banff

It was a beautiful day in the snow. Have you ever been winter hiking?

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