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Where to Eat in Banff

While I’ve done many posts about where to eat in Banff, I have yet to do a round-up of all the places I’ve tried. Here’s my list in no particular order and why you should eat there:


Beaver Tails

A Banff must-do. Skip the fudge and the candy shop if you must; if you’re in Canada, you need to try a beaver tail.

Park Distillery

Banff’s own distillery. While it’s not entirely on this list for the food, this place is still worth the look as it has quite the rustic decor. Try the shots sampler for some unique shooters.

The Grizzly House

One of my favourite places in Banff – just for the atmosphere. An interesting array of fondues and much more to experience, so it’s best to see for yourself!

Grizzly House - where to eat in Banff

Grizzly Paw Brewing Co.

Though it isn’t actually in Banff (it’s about 20 minutes away in Canmore), the restaurant/bar is so great that it’s making the list. Read this post to find out why.

Best Poutine

Banff Ave. Brewing Co.

A great place to sample local beer, and they also have great, affordable eats. I’ve been a few times now and they’ve yet to disappoint.

Bear Street Tavern

Perfect for lunch with the girls (or guys).

soup at Bear St. Tavern

Balkan Restaurant

Tapas. Need I say more? …JK. Out of all the places to eat in Banff, this one has the best Greek!

Melissa’s Missteak

I had overlooked this one (I thought it was tacky), but my boyfriend convinced me and it was delicious, cheap, and quick. The restaurant has been serving steak to Banff since 1978. While I didn’t try the steak, I ate breakfast there three times and all choices were delightful.

Melissa's Missteak - where to eat in Banff

Elk & Oarsman

Another great Canadian pub. Sports channel for him, wide range of food choices for her.

Elk & Oarsman - where to eat in Banff

Buffalo Mountain Lodge

One of the pricier places to eat in Banff, but still worthwhile if you are looking for local gourmet and dining in (Canadian) style. “This is my number one best meal” – my boyfriend on the caribou.

Sleeping Buffalo
The infamous caribou.

Wild Flour

A Banff coffee shop/ pastry shop. It’s like Starbucks but 110% better. #supportlocal

El Toro

Another underrated restaurant within a hotel. Some of the best tapas I’ve had in a unique blend of Spanish, Mexican, and Canadian cuisine. Affordable, yet nice restaurant with possibly the top service I’ve received while dining out.


Honourable mentions of where to eat in Banff (AKA places I haven’t tried but would like to):

Magpie & Stump

A cool-looking, rustic Mexican restaurant/bar with great ratings. Plus, that name tho’.

Waldhaus Restaurant

Quoted as “Banff’s best-kept secret”, near the Banff Springs Hotel. Out of all the places to eat in Banff, this one might be the most expensive if you go the restaurant. The bar is an alternative, more affordable option.

The Bison

A higher-end restaurant serving delicious Canadian fare. Upstairs of the Bear St. Tavern, and I believe it’s run by the same people, so it must be good!

where to eat in Banff
Where to eat in Banff

So there is my list of where to eat in Banff. Is there any places that I haven’t tried yet and should? Write me in the comments!

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