Counting Countries: Where I’ve Been

Without even knowing it, Scotland was the tenth country I’ve been to (*pause for celebration!*). In 2017, I added countries 11 and 12. While many travelers are counting upwards of 50 destinations, I’m happy to share the few places where I’ve been.

Because I come from a landlocked, middle-of-nowhere kind-of place, traveling anywhere costs can be expensive and quite time consuming. It’s a one hour flight just to the next city let alone going out of country!

I’ve linked all my old posts if you want to read the in-depth stories on where I’ve been. Beware that some posts were written in the early beginnings of my blogging career (haha). I’ve also included the links to other bloggers’ posts if I don’t have a guide on a particular location.

As I hope to continue to travel more and more,

here’s my list of where I’ve been:


While some people won’t count their home and native land, I do. This place is huge! I’ve only been to British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, so I hope to visit the rest of my country soon. Quebec City and the Maritimes are top on my list!

where I've been - Vancouver
View of downtown Vancouver from Stanley Park.
where I've been - Drumheller
My cute little car in the Alberta badlands
where I've been - Lake Louise
The magnificent Chateau Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies

United States

My first trip down south was to Florida, and I’ve been back a few times. In 2009, I visited Texas and New Mexico on a school trip. Three states down, only 47 more to go. The list of States I want to go to is fairly long; if you have any recommendations for the West Coast, I’m looking for tips and ideas.

where I've been - El Paso, Texas
A very young me, traveling in Texas for a school Missions Trip…I think I rock the acid-wash, patchwork jeans and denim jacket combo quite well.
Gatorland Florida
About to get on an airboat in Florida to spot some ‘gators
Cinderella's carriage Disney World
Cinderella and her carriage at Disney World.
Disney World fireworks
Fireworks at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa


2008 was a big year for me: I visited Ukraine with my Baba, inspiring my love for travel. Cobblestones, castles, and churches will always hold a special place in my forever-Europe-bound heart. I started checking off places from my heritage here. Have you ever travelled anywhere to discover your families heritage?

Where I've been - Ukraine
Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle in Ukraine
Where I've been - Urainian castle
My Baba, her sister, and me standing outside Pidhirtsi Castle in Ukraine (right to left)

Costa Rica

This is one place I would love to go back. The rainforest jungle is so incredible that it’s difficult to describe. The Arenal volcano region is just so lush, and has a lot of biodiversity. During my family’s hike through Manuel Antonio National Park, I probably took 50 pictures of different animals and insects. Waking up in the morning to a monkey on my balcony will always be one of my favourie memories.

monkey in Costa Rica
The monkey on my balcony
Manuel Antonio National Park
The beaches near Manuel Antonio National Park
where I've been Costa rice
Staying near the Arenal Volcano
Costa Rica vacation
The beautiful resort…if only I could remember the name


The minute I landed in London, the city stole my heart. It’s my favourite place for a layover; there’s just something about there that is so magical. While I haven’t had the opportunity to explore the rest of the country, I would like to as soon as I can. Cotswolds here I come!

where I've been - London
The Tower Bridge in London, England
St. James Park in London
St. James Park
London at Christmas
Visiting London at Christmas is the most magical


Yet another place I would go back to, particularly to the north, to Lake Como or Garda. Italy is the classic European holiday destination for a reason; there is just so much to do and discover. Florence was my favourite city.

Amalfi - where I've been
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Venice - where I've been
Venice, Italy
Florence, Italy
Florence, Italy
Boboli Garden, Pitti Palace
Boboli Gardens at the Pitti Palace in Florence


The isles are the real gems; I didn’t enjoy my time on the mainland nearly as much. The food, the architecture, the beaches, and the culture. Sign me up for more island time!

Mykonos windmills
The windmills of Mykonos in Greece
Athens museum
The new archaeology museum in Athens
Riding donkey's in Santorini
Donkey’s in Santorini


A short stop in this country had me longing for more. If you read this post you’ll know I’m always on the hunt for a delicious Turkish restaurant. One of my top travel dreams: buying a Turkish rug in the market there.

Turkish carpets
Turkish carpet display
Ancient Ephesus in Turkey

Vatican City

This tiny little country in the heart of Rome is one you could spend days in, soaking up all the history and art along the way. A country’s a country, no matter how small.

Vatican City in Rome
St Peters Basilica, Vatican City
Vatican City spiral staircase
The Vatican City museum


Out of all the places on this last, Scotland makes me want to relocate the most. It’s a country that I could truly call home because I love everything about it. I’m so excited to head back there this spring and explore some of the places I missed. A year there wouldn’t be enough!

Cairngorm cows Scotland
Finding Coo’s in the Cairngorms
where I've been - Glencoe
Glencoe, Scotland
Loch Lomond, Scotland
Visiting the little village of Luss on Loch Lomond
Edinburgh Ferris wheel


Netherlands to me is a synonym for spring. It’s the most adorable country on this list. It also has the best flowers and butter…two things that I love.

windmills Netherlands
Old windmills in Kinderdijk
Netherlands horses
Talking to horses near Zwolle
Keukenhof, Netherlands tulips
Visiting the tulips at Keukenhof gardens
Very old houses in Amsterdam


My layover here was well spent: waterfalls, lagoons, ponies, geysers, and the list goes on. A lot of grand sights for a little country!

Icelandic pony
Icelandic pony.
Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik
Golden Circle, Iceland
Driving the golden circle

Next up: Ireland

I can’t wait to share all the details of my Ireland trip with you. Every trip I plan is better planned than all the rest!

Future destinations?

Germany – family and fairytales (last on my heritage list)

Scandinavia – I’m all about that hygge life! You can read all my friend Victoria’s posts of her time studying abroad in Copenhagen here.

Mexico – it’s kind of weird that I haven’t been there…? My girl Kay, the Awkward Traveller, has a fantastic review as a first-timer on an all-inclusive.

Spain, Portugal, and Morocco – culture, architecture, and food of course. A girl with no seat, Rachael, has written about both her time in Portugal and Spain.

Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia – temples and jungles will a total change of scenery. Joelle from Riding around the Globe has a great post on traveling Southeast Asia on a budget.

Having a list is great and all, but I’m never quite sure where I’ll be off to next. I go when and where the opportunity presents itself.

So that’s my list of where I’ve been, and I hope to share with you all the places I go. While I’m not a travel-box-checker, it’s always a joy to look back.

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